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Who we are

Who we are, but above all who is trustworthy?

Our story began in 2018, it was a very normal day at the end of summer, to enjoy the last days of sunshine we decided to go to the beach with our daughter. It was she who noticed that a puppy dog ​​was crying alone and hungry in a cardboard box placed next to the bushes.

We couldn't stand there and pretend we were not there, so we took the puppy and brought him to our house

That dog was about to change our life (but we didn't know it yet)

My daughter had already given it a name even though we were looking for someone who could adopt the puppy as our family was in financial difficulty and could not afford the costs of keeping an animal.

Oh I forgot, the name was just Fido!

At that time I was working in a small printing house and to give my daughter Marta a gift I printed a mat dedicated to the puppy Fido.

All the people who came to visit us very much appreciated the personalized rug dedicated to fido and this inspired me to start a small business dedicated to the sale of this product.

Initially I was selling simply by word of mouth, the requests became more and more thanks to the power of social media that made the photos of the mat taken by my customers go viral.

All this gave me the opportunity to supplement and have financial support for my family

I told my daughter we could keep Fido with us!

She immediately burst into tears of joy.

That of Fido is a story with a happy ending, of an adopted puppy who has given so much happiness to my family

To provide my customers with excellent service, I decided to open this website and dedicate it to the real protagonist of this fantastic story!

We will be happy to welcome you to the large Di Fido house and you too will have the opportunity to create your own personalized mat at:

Projects for the future

Fido's story has a happy ending but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the more than 500,000 stray dogs in Italy who have not been lucky enough to have a home with a family that can give them the love they deserve . has decided to support non-profit initiatives that have the mission of facilitating adoptions and fighting the phenomenon of abandonment and straying. By purchasing on our site you will help support our project and you will be an integral part of a family that grows more and more every day. Fido thanks you!

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