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About Us

Who are we, but more importantly who is fido?

Our story was born in 2018, it was a very normal late summer day, to enjoy the last days of sunshine we decided to go to the beach with our daughter. She was the one who noticed that a puppy dog was crying alone and hungry in a cardboard box pulled over in the bushes.

We couldn't just stand there and pretend like nothing was wrong, so we picked up the puppy and took it to our house

That dog was going to change our lives (but we didn't know it yet)

My daughter had already named him even though we were looking for someone to adopt the puppy as our family was struggling financially and could not afford the costs of keeping an animal.

Oh I forgot, the name was indeed Fido!

At that time I was working in a small print shop and as a gift to my daughter Marta I printed a mat dedicated to the puppy Fido.



All the people who came to visit really liked the personalized mat dedicated to fido, and this gave me the inspiration to start a small business dedicated to selling such a product.

Initially I sold simply by word of mouth, the requests became more and more thanks also to the power of social media that made photos of the mat taken by my customers go viral.

All this gave me the opportunity to round up and have economic support for my family

I told my daughter that we could keep Fido with us!

She immediately burst into tears of joy.

Fido's is a story with a happy ending, of an adopted puppy who has given so much happiness to my family

In order to provide my customers with excellent service, I decided to open this website and dedicate it to the real protagonist of this fantastic story!

We will be happy to welcome you to Di Fido's big house and you will also have the opportunity to make your own personalized mat at:



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